Olavi A Tiala

Born. 15.10.1952 in Lappajärvi
Olavi Tiala is an artist, who has gone the long way and developed into a skilled artist with a personal handle. In his portrait paintings he presents his own style.
Except being a good drawer and a solid portrait painter, Olavi Tiala is also a Jack-of-all-trades. As an example one can mention the fantastic job he did when restoring Villa Sveden in Jakobstad to an artists´ home with its studio, gallery and a summer café in park-looking surroundings.
Kokkolan Ammattikoulu
(trade School) 1968-70

Åbo Ritskola
(Drawing and artschool) 1976-80
Graphics and painting
Åbo Akademi/Lund University
Prof. Bo Lindberg
Classes in painting technique and restauration of lime paintings.
Åbo Akademi
Prof. S. Ringbom
The branches of art´technique and theory

Practical experience
Artistic work in Åbo for five years
Practise in Stockholm a couple of years
Stay in Florence -92 and in Portugal -98
Jakobstad´s Culture Prize 1991
The town of Jakobstad´s town Environment Prize 1996-98
Paintings sold to private persons and private collections in the Nordic countries but also in Estonia, Latvia, Angola, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, China, Japan, England, Australia, Canada, U.S.A, Kenya, Russia and Argentina.